Worried about winter tyres? Get a grip…

Are you worried about the grip of your campervan tyres in the current wintry weather?
Is it worth fitting winter tyres?
Dedicated winter tyres perform better in conditions of less than 7 degrees C compared to their summer counterparts.
They provide increased traction and grip when cornering and breaking in winter conditions such as snow or ice due to the ‘sipes’ or grooves which are a feature of winter tyres that help to disperse snow and water.
Then initial outlay for winter tyres is quite significant but will be offset by the fact that your summer tyres will last longer, not to mention the benefits to your safety.
Ring us to discuss options for the right winter tyres for your van!
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Thinking of going to France in your campervan or motorhome?

Try something new

Passion France 2017

Thinking of going to France,my brother bought us this guide as a wedding present for our honeymoon in 2015. It’s an excellent idea where you get to stay in beautiful places in France for free in return for sampling and perhaps purchasing some of their produce. For example we stayed in the grounds of a chateau in Bordeaux and went wine tasting and then stayed on a cider farm and bought lots of lovely apple juice and cider! If you like making new discoveries off the beaten track then this may be the holiday for you…

Leaking Roofvent

Water ingress

Water ingress from a leaking roofvent is a common problem on panel van conversions. This was a problem for a recent customer who spotted water damage on the underside of his roof. The only way to sort this out is to remove the roofvent,clean all the old silicone off and prepare the surface. Repair any damage around the rooflight,reseal with a non-drying bedding sealant and refit the roofvent. This can be a challenging job as all the old sealant needs to be removed fully to ensure a good joint is maintained when fresh sealant is applied. The customer will now be able to sleep soundly in his bed next time it rains!

Water Damage signs

Clean off old silicone

Roofvent re-sealed and re-fitted

Nice and dry

Camping in Cornwall

Just back from a very relaxing week in Charlestown, Cornwall. We went in a Citroen Relay Campervan which we currently have for sale. The van is a two berth with an end bathroom layout and all the usual high end fittings and fixtures you find in a luxury campervan. Driving was very comfortable as this van is fitted with a 2.2 transit engine providing plenty of power when needed. Fuel economy was good as we averaged 36mpg.

Arrived to great weather and as you can see, our 18 month old son was more than willing to help with setting up the awning!


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Currently converting…VW Caddy Maxi into a compact micro camper

A VW Caddy Maxi

This conversion is looking good so far and I’ll post pics on completion. we have installed an elevating roof to give head space and sleeping area. The kitchen has a combined sink and 2 ring cooker plus a deep drawer and cupboard space. Seating is along the left side which pulls out to make a 6 foot bed. LED spot lights lighten the living area up, a PMS system controls all the electrics and 12v system. 240V power sockets and 12v USB sockets will come in handy. 5 factory fitted seats combined with good fuel economy make this van a popular choice.

If you are thinking of a compact camper the VW Caddy is a good choice in my view. if you would like anymore information on caddy conversions contact us

Campervan conversions in sheffield

If you’re looking for a campervan conversion in Sheffield then we can help!

Whether you’re looking for a complete conversion to your van or just a little help with some of the scary bits…

We do:

  • windows
  • roof vents
  • rock n roll beds
  • elevating roofs
  • van boarding
  • carpet lining
  • furniture
  • water tanks
  • plumbing
  • electrics
  • insulating

Anything you need we can help!

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